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  • icon-verityVerity Law one of the law firms having the top comprehensive advisory services in Vietnam – whose headquarter is in Ho Chi Minh City and offices are in Ha Noi, Da Nang and Nha Trang. Verity Law Company always makes effort to effectively and professionally provide legal services for the customer, with high standard and the Company is rated as one of the top law advisory companies in Vietnam, especially in business, conciliation and litigation.

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Investment consulting

Being highly recommended in providing legal services  for foreign investors and foreign invested enterprises, Verity Law has represented and assisted many foreign investors who have... 

Legal Consulting Often

The reality is that most of the businesses nowadays have legal departments but they still can not avoid legal risks in their businesses because most legal department staffs are less... 

Marketing consultant

During the period that the global economy changed dramatically under the pressure of globalization, the rapid development of technology and the opening up of new markets, the role of... 

Contract consulting

In commercial transactions between business partners, it is extremely important to have a legal contract that is strict and legal to meet the interests of the parties. With a team of... 

Debt recovery

Debt recovery Debt recovery is the requirement for debtor to pay their creditor money, other due/ overdue property that the debtor must pay the creditor under the contract or as agreed... 

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the legal notion indicating the government protection of the creative activities results. Intellectual property includes two main branches which are industrial... 

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Due to development demands, company needs to recruit some staffs as follow: Lawyer: 02 vacancies Legal Consultant: 02 vacancies Marketing executive: 02 vacancies Jobs description: Contact with clients, receive information and preliminary consult for clients; On behalf of clients to perform legal services and work directly with the competent state agencies; Research legal regulations and

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